Monday, 19 April 2010

Sewbox competition

Basically Sewbox is a totally brilliant idea to help out the starter sewer! For my first sewing project I had to go to the sewing shop 3 times as I kept missing things I needed (zip, hook and eye, interfacing etc). I could have been saved the 3 lots of parking I had to pay for if I been given a Sewbox kit… because they do it all for you! You pick your nice fabric and your nice pattern and they do all the boring bits of finding zips that match. How ace!

In fact, my mum put together a similar thing for me for Christmas – a make your own pyjama kit. It was totally awesome, so I can completely recommend this sort of thing if you are wanting a sewing related gift!

AND they do Colette patterns in the UK! I have been swooning over Colette patterns for months now, but they aren’t so readily available over here. I’m still biding my time though on my purchase. I think the beignet skirt might be the one for me, or maybe Macaron. Or the coat! That coat is ace. Hmmm.

Anyway – there’s a competition on to win one of the kits! The Sencha blouse kit is deffo my first choice! Fingers crossed eh?

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