Sunday, 2 May 2010

Graduation... ekk

So. I should explain, that I live about 3 months behind the rest of the world. I find it terribly difficult to keep up. I attribute this to my Auntie, who is exactly the same (Now it would just be weird to have my birthday present on the day - Its like having two birthdays!). Anyway, my friends and family are used to it now (everyone seems to like having Christmas on a rainy Tuesday in March!), but this is late… even for me.

My graduation dress. A wopping 10 months after the event. Its from Burda magazine issue 12/08, Dress 130 (the extra pattern one). I used no imagination whatsoever and copied the colours directly from the magazine. I made no actual changes to the design either. The only thing I did do was fiddle about with the back fastening, so that I didn’t have a patch of back on show – I lengthened the bottom of the under flap(?) and put a hook and eye on there too. I still have terrible trouble with the top flap(!?) gaping (more so than you can see in the picture), but really I don’t know what to do about that! Perhaps the button needs shifting over a few cm. Not sure.

Anyway, its very form fitting – I can’t help but wiggle when I wear it! And while tight, it’s not particularly constricting to wear. The top is white georgette (chiffon was too see through) and the skirt is sort of heavy weight almost waffle-ish material (i.e. it’s not smooth), although you could definitely make it more classy and decadent by using silk for the bodice. I lined it too, can’t remember if it told me to or not, but I did, as I do with most things. It’s a good staple dress if I have smart affairs to go to, such as graduating! And so, here’s one of me in a silly hat to prove I did it.

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