Friday, 2 April 2010

MORE Winter wear

Yes, more ski wear! Although this time, regrettably I cannot lay claim to it. Yes I chose it, yes I love it, but no I did not make it. This is all down to the spectacular handiwork of my Mum. I requested, nay, demanded a red and white snowflake jumper, just weeks before Christmas. I had scoured the shops and the internet for what I was after and to no avail, so Mum stepped into the breach.
She located a totally awesome pattern at our local sewing shop, picked up the wool and went for it. Now it wasn't meant to be a christmas present, it was just my selfish wish to have it for the Christmas period, so Mum gunned it on the sticks and only missed the event by 2 days! So although it wasn't waiting for me under the tree, two days later I was cozied up in it in front of the fire. Superb for our flat with no central heating (and it was a long, cold winter this year. Cold. Very cold.) and my skiing holiday.

So here is my post to say thank you to Mum for my MARVELOUS jumper (obviously quite belatedly, but that won't be a surprise).

But now spring has sprung, and with temperature no longer below zero my warm jumpers will have to be put away until next winter. But that means there's lots more room for summer dresses! Ace!

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  1. Wow this sweater is gorgeous and just what I am looking for to knit for myself for next Winter.

    Your Mum made this in two weeks :o

    Is there any chance you could let me know what the pattern is as I've searched online and can't find anything like it.


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