Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Ski Tuesday

Well, its been a while... same old excuses though, moving house and switching jobs! I'm now based full time in the capital and all is going well.
I have been sewing though, even if my reporting of it leaves a lot to be desired! First off the blocks, and in the spirit of the season, is some ski wear!

The occasion of my first ever skiing trip, was most definitely an opportunity for some new snuggly jumpers. Now its been a looong time since I wore fleece (my school uniform was made of a particularly hideous fleece and the scars are still healing) but as someone who is naturally chilly anyway, I knew I would be thankful for it when I was halfway up a French mountain. As I knew I wasn't going to be wearing them a huge amount, I bought some fairly cheap navy and cream polar fleeces and used the Burdastyle Lydia pattern that I already had.

I was able to cut them out and pin them pretty darn quickly due to the fleece's fluffy friction and near indistinguishable grain. But then, when I put needle to syntheic fluff, my moment of enlightenment came... It was marvelous. The fleece was bliss to sew, it sewed up quickly and neatly and you didn't have to faff about finishing any of the seams, because it doesn't fray. It stays where you put it and its sooo lovely and soft. In no time at all (well actually several hours, but comparative to other projects, pretty swift) I had two snuggly jumpers. I added a little flower to one and a discrete bow to the other. The only modification was on the neckline which I chopped down, and the use of fleecey binding rather than facing on the neckline.

Now I'm not saying I'm a convert, and I am certainly not planning to add any more fleece to my wardrobe in the near future, but I am almost ready to admit that I don't totally hate it! Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the skiing, but at least I've got plenty of lovely warm clothes now!

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