Sunday, 8 November 2009

Step back in time...

Well of late, pretty much all of my spare seconds have been spent preparing for a 1940s murder mystery which happened last night. I have been waiting for an excuse for ages to wop out my home made rollers and make up a '40s outfit and I finally had a reason!

I duly slept in my rollers, with my super glamourous blue old-lady-hairnet on, in order to have a bevy of beautiful curls to brush out for the event. I sewed up a dress and got some smashing seamed tights! Although I didn't guess the murderer I had so much fun. Now I just need to find another opportunity to go retro again!


  1. You both look so gorgeous!!!

  2. Oh you look great! I went to one of those murder mystery parties a while back, it was an 70s disco theme which was fun but I think I would have preferred a forties costume!


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