Thursday, 16 July 2009

Good reads

I swung by the shops the other day and managed to pick up a bevvy of good reads! (Look how fantastic they look!!)

I only went in for a copy of Burda Mag and came out with the Chap as well (which technically was a prezzie for my dad, but I couldn't resist reading it a bit first). Then I came upon these 40s copies of Womans Weekly when looking for port glasses! One of them has an awesome pattern for some mittens (something I have been looking for for a while) and each copy has a lovely little insight into the meaning of a name!

I also picked up this dainty little dress pattern.

I loved the wopping pleats coming up from the sides (even if the 4 pattern ladies do have an air of Sex and the City about them!). However it is COMPLETELY the wrong size. Its way too big and petite!! But, I hope this will lead on to my first forray into pattern grading which is a little bit exciting!


  1. oh wow when are those magazines from?? I'm nervous about my first forray into pattern grading, don't know where to start!

    nicola xx

  2. hey there,
    thanks for signing up to follow my blog:) i've been absent for a while due to various reasons but i'm hoping to get back into the swing of things soon,
    take care & happy blogging,


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