Monday, 6 July 2009

The Graduate!

Again massive absenteeism. I really will try to get better, but my excuse is that I've been on holiday in Devon, and I couldn't even get phone signal there let alone internet!
It was a lovely holiday, the weather was hot and sunshiney and we ate so much delicious food that I think I'd probably brake the scales if I went anywhere near them!! I got a real treat though on the last day, when we went to a local market, and I picked up a nice haul of vintage buttons. There was a big box with lots of little bags of buttons in each labled 50p a bag, so after a good rummage I managed to get a few bags of gooduns. (Apologies for the poor photos - it has now started to throw it down and all the light has vanished!)

Along the purpley/navy colour theme were these. Despite some of them being 'the same', through fading, they are mostly slightly different colours, which I feel adds to their appeal. I think the fans are just lovely, and I managed to pick up a whole bag of those so I was very pleased.

I also couldn't help giggling at (and therefore purchasing) these little yellow phones. I know they are meant for children, but I see them cheering up a much more somber jumper or t-shirt. Probably something navy (as I am a navy addict).

There were tons of unusual shops in Devon. Lots of second hand and vintage shops as well, which is quite rare. Infact, in most places we went to it was much easier to get hold of second hand things than new! There was a wonderful vintage shop in Totnes, which was so crammed full that you could barely see what was in it. There was a little room at the back with lots of wedding dresses hung on the walls and a mirror in the centre, it was crazy but beautiful. Sadly as I am still without job, I was a bit low on funds to be buying the things I liked (which was plenty!), but I will return when wealthier!!

In other news, Graduation went off hitch free and there are posts to follow of Graduation Dresses 1&2, when I can get some decent pics together!

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