Sunday, 2 August 2009

You shall go to the ball

After several long weeks there has, all of a sudden, come a rush of activity in work, home and sewing. My poor machine has been languishing in my lengthy absence, and together we're getting all revved up about some new projects on the horizon! More to follow soon, but in the mean time, I've finally managed to get some photos together of my graduation ball dress!

After the pallava of making the damn thing fit, I realised that the only thing missing, was a wopping great big bow. So I added one, and felt much better about the whole situation.

Just to recap the changes made from the original BWOF 12/08 pattern were :
- Cutting the skirt off at the knee
- Raising the waist by about an inch
- Adding waist darts
- Adding a bust dart on the shoulder strap side
- Raising the shoulder
- Adding a big bow

If I was making it again, I think I'd just use the lining pattern for the bodice and not bother with the shoulder pleats included in the original pattern. They can't really be seen on the photos because they came out pretty badly and had to be covered by the big bow. I think if I'd done them properly they would have looked good, but it really wasn't very clear at all, and some how I managed to ruck them all up. They looked fine when they were flat, but when I put it on they looked pretty bad.

Generally this pattern was not a good fit for me, but I think after all the tweaking the dress came out looking pretty good, so I was happy in the end and had an awesome time at the ball. And both the dress and I made it into the survivors photo!


  1. You look lovely, and you did a great job- the fit looks great so your 'tweaks' were a success. What a fab dress :o)

  2. Marvelous! you will be a belle at the ball

  3. oh yeh, definitely scan them in so we can peek!

    This dress looks absolutely gorgeous, and the bow is a fantastic addition!

    nicola xx

  4. bax47@hotmail.com14 August 2009 at 22:44

    Hi,I have been trying to track down a cute felt cupcake - instructions were on Burda "how to's" website earlier this year. Instructions start with "Make three paper circle templates" and included step by step photos. Was this your project? as it has disappeared due to reorganisation of the Burdastyle site. I really want to make one as a present.


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